Gwen Stefani accuses a performer of lip syncing on “The Voice,” saying,

Gwen Stefani accuses a performer of lip syncing on “The Voice,” saying,

The coaches John Legend, Camila Cabello, Blake Shelton, and Gwen Stefani have nothing but admiration for the top 8 competitors on “The Voice” who gave it their all on stage.

However, in the example of Team Legend member Omar Jose Cardona, occasionally singing can be so excellent that it results in fun roasting rather than praise.

Stefani cracked a joke after Cardona nearly brought the studio’s roof down with his high-pitched rendition of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”: “I’m quite sure he was lip-syncing on that one.”

No way that was true, I said. We can’t take it seriously that you can sing that well, therefore we’re driven to laugh.

In the case of Team Legend member Omar Jose Cardona, the coaches’ fun roasting of him was the result of his excellent singing at times.
Shelton, Stefani’s husband, and another coach concurred.

Old men are rising from their easy chairs and taking up their toupees right now all over America, he added.

As a coach, I just try to come up with challenges that I can give to Omar since, according to legend, Cardona can achieve anything.

Here are several more semifinal performers who lifted the bar.

As she performed a tasteful rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Always Remember Us This Way,” Morgan Myles choked up in memory of her cousin, who passed away from brain cancer.
Morgan Myles is “The Voice,” according to Camila Cabello, following a moving homage.
With the end of the evening, which was capped off by a magnificent performance from Team Camila’s Morgan Myles, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. The 35-year-old country singer sobbed as she performed a tasteful rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Always Remember Us This Way” in memory of her 33-year-old cousin who passed away from brain cancer.

With a marriage proposal, Camila Cabello takes Team Blake’s lead singer on “The Voice.”

There was definitely something so amazing about it when you were up there just now, Cabello added. “The name of this program is “The Voice,” and I feel like you embody that in certain ways. Your voice is sincere and tough.

Stefani was speechless after Myles.

It’s difficult to express myself, she remarked. Something has just been refined, in a sense.

Bodie is more than just a gifted singer. His mentor Blake Shelton describes him as a “nice man” as well.
Bodie receives the “nice dude” seal of approval from Blake Shelton
Shelton has been mentoring “The Voice” competitors for a while, and he claims to be able to spot a decent guy when he sees one.

He claims that team member bodie meets the criteria.

Shelton remarked following the 29-year-enthusiastic old’s rendition of Halsey’s “Without Me,” “Dude, I think you’re going to the finale.” “I want America to know what’s in this guy’s heart, and this is a decent dude standing up there,” the singer said. “We all know you have this ridiculous amount of talent and this knowledge of music and what you want to do and how you want to put it together.”

Blake Shelton claims that a singer’s performance on “The Voice” was probably the “best” in the program’s history.

Is this a Kim Cruse concert or “The Voice”? Coaches Camila Cabello and John Legend were also perplexed by Cruse’s performance.
Every coach wants to go to the concert by Team John Legend vocalist
Is this a Kim Cruse concert or “The Voice”?

Coaches were left thinking that after the 30-year-old Team Legend regular’s soaring performance of the jazz standard “Summertime” from the opera “Porgy and Bess” by George Gershwin.

The nation adores you, Kim Cruse,” Cabello remarked, “and I absolutely want to attend one of her concerts. You are enchanted.

Legend concurred, stating that he would like “to attend a Kim Cruse show, too.”

He said, “Divine was the word that came to my thoughts. “It was just a masterclass in how to play a song that has been performed a billion times,” said one reviewer.
Team Legend’s singer wins the final semifinal slot on “The Voice” with an ardent performance.

Shelton also liked her straightforward staging.

He quipped, “I saw choreography on stage for the first time in more than ten years that I can truly perform. “Finally. I might have participated in the dancing tonight.

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