Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola provide a glimpse of the baby’s face.

Since they count down the days until the birth of their first child, Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano are incredibly excited, as an ultrasound revealed a glimpse of the baby’s face.

On her YouTube vlog yesterday, Sept. 29, the actress, who is 25 weeks pregnant, gave viewers a glimpse at her most recent appointment and ultrasound session with her doctor.


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When he saw his child on the device, Manzano jokingly said, “Thank you Lord kamukha niya (Mendiola). (Thank God, the infant resembles Jessy.)

Mendiola said to her husband, “Parang nakuha niya ‘yung lips mo, love (It appears like she has your lips, love)” to which he responded. Okay, then. When I’m with you, that is. It’s alright. You can give her yours.)

Mendiola’s doctor double-checked and confirmed the pregnancy’s gender while she was there as well. In the meantime, Mendiola reassured that her unborn child, whom she and Manzano refer to as Peanut, is safe despite her pregnancy-related positive COVID-19 test.

“Peanuts are OK. Even after my COVID infection, Peanut is normal, she assured her fans. “We just want to express our gratitude to Peanut for being so strong. Niya’s weight and growth are both normal. Who is the kamukha? She is really important healthy.

(We’re simply so appreciative that Peanut is resilient. Her weight and growth are both normal. Who might she resemble? Her well health is what matters most.)


While awaiting the arrival of their child, Mendiola and Manzano are planning to relocate to a new house. The actress said that because their new home doesn’t have a spiral staircase or high ceilings, it is “safer” for a growing child.

Mendiola and Manzano, who got married last year, made their first child’s impending arrival public on August 11. The birth of a girl was then revealed on August 25 of last year.