After losing to Everton and clinging to his job, Frank Lampard promises to “dig in.”

After losing to Everton and clinging to his job, Frank Lampard promises to “dig in.”

After suffering a humiliating loss to West Ham in a key matchup at the foot of the table that left Everton’s manager clinging to his position, Frank Lampard promised to “dig in.”

Farhad Moshiri, the majority owner of Everton, attended the London Stadium to watch Lampard’s team fall farther behind in the relegation race, which may be a big development. Moshiri might conclude that it’s time for a managerial change because he hasn’t been to an Everton game since October 2021.

When asked about Lampard’s post-game plans, Moshiri responded that he was not in a position to make that choice. Later, it was made clear that any decision would require the approval of the whole Everton board. Before last weekend’s loss to Southampton, the other Everton directors avoided Goodison Park, so they joined Moshiri at the London Stadium.

They would have witnessed Everton supporters wave signs that said, “A board full of liars,” while the club put on yet another subpar performance. After two goals from Jarrod Bowen, West Ham moved out of the bottom three, possibly rescuing David Moyes from being sacked, and Everton fell to 19th after a record of 11 losses in 14 games across all competitions. If Lampard is let go, it won’t be a big surprise.

When asked about his future, Lampard vowed to continue after saying that he wanted to strengthen his team before the transfer window closed. It is my responsibility to work, concentrate, and keep my head down; those things are not of my choosing, he remarked. “I am aware of the club’s issues, but whether the chairman or a board member attends a game has never had an impact on me.

Mark Gatiss: “I’m honestly frightened that we are losing the caff for good.”

“I spent 18 months at Chelsea, and hardly a single competitive game did the owner attend. I’m not going to try to infer what he thought of the game. With only a few games left, we were five points away from safety and barely managed to stay up last season.

“I was asked if it was competitive enough discourse when I suggested that we might stay put. However, if you belong to a club where major investment has caused the club to decline, the current situation is that we don’t have that investment and we’re working to rebuild. That doesn’t imply you should start ascending steps right soon. It implies that you must dig in as a club, and I am ready to do so.

Kenwright declined to comment on the possibility of Lampard losing his job. Frank and all of us have had a poor run of results, but I would never say that to you, he said. We simply need to start succeeding, don’t we?

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West Ham’s first league victory since October 24 gave Moyes, who has the support of his board, a big boost. The manager of West Ham commented, “I think it’s a relief to the club itself.” “I sincerely hope Everton decides to keep Frank. He is a great guy, but I need to consider my circumstances because one victory does not indicate that everything is in order.