When an Indigenous cricketer criticizes Ashleigh Gardner, her teammates stand by her.

When an Indigenous cricketer criticizes Ashleigh Gardner, her teammates stand by her.

The Australian women’s cricket squad, according to Meg Lanning, is standing with Indigenous star Ashleigh Gardner in her criticism of the team competing on January 26.

On Sunday, Gardner made it obvious what she thought about the matter when she declared that for Indigenous Australians, the day was “a day of hurt and a day of sadness.” Although she has stated that playing on that date does not sit well with her, the current Belinda Clark Award winner will take the field in the T20 match against Pakistan.

Originally set for January 27, the second T20 match against Pakistan was relocated to Hobart on January 26 due to South Africa’s decision to cancel their men’s ODI series, which featured a game in the southern city.

Australia will play the match in Hobart sporting an Indigenous shirt, wristbands, and socks. This decision was made by the players.

Players, who were eager to lead a discussion on the subject after learning they would be set to play on January 26, it is believed, first brought up the topic months ago.

In terms of the scheduling and playing on that day, Lanning remarked, “It’s something we can’t control. The anguish and loss that day generate for First Nations people is something we would like to address, though.

The chance we have will be used to educate ourselves and strive to develop a deeper grasp of what it means and their culture. We all support Ash and her thoughts over the day, and there is a strong sense of unity throughout the group.

After enduring online hatred as a result of her statement, Lanning claimed Gardner was doing “quite well” and praised the all-around player for her bravery.

In the midst of a barrage of media coverage on the subject, Gardner was at training on Monday with the Australian team.

Cricket Australia has faced ongoing challenges related to 26 January in recent years, and the national governing body often receives input on this issue from its Indigenous advisory group.

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Two years ago, the organization stopped using the name “Australia Day” in any of its advertisements. Then-prime minister Scott Morrison criticized the decision.

All Big Bash League uniforms will feature indigenous design elements starting in the following season, while the women’s team will sport a First Nations jersey at the T20 World Cup next month.

It’s something that our team has been working on for a while, according to Lanning. “We’ve been trying to take advantage of any chance we get to educate ourselves and to honor the First Nations people’s culture as well as to emphasize that.

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The day before [January 26], we’re on a cultural tour to learn a little bit more. We’ve been talking about it as a group for a while now; it hasn’t simply come up recently. We’ll keep doing that because we believe it’s crucial.