Indonesia orders punishment for the “perpetrators” of the stadium tragedy

Indonesia orders punishment for the “perpetrators” of the stadium tragedy

A probe into the incident has been announced by Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

On October 3, 2022, as outrage over one of the bloodiest incidents in football history grew, Indonesia’s leadership requested that the nation’s authorities find and punish those guilty for a stadium stampede that killed 125 people.


In addition, 323 people were hurt in the catastrophe on Saturday night in Malang after police used tear gas in a crowded stadium to stop a pitch invasion, setting off a stampede.
In a broadcast announcement, Indonesia’s Chief Security Minister Mahfud MD said, “We ask the national police to find the culprits who have committed crimes in the next few days.” He did not identify who he was referring to, though.


He continued, announcing the formation of a task team for the investigation: “We requested them to uncover who has perpetrated the offenses and that punishment must be taken against them. We also expect the National Police would assess their security measures.
Witnesses claim that when police fired tear gas into crowded terraces in response, people scrambled to narrow gates where many were crushed or suffocated.


Two cops were killed in what the police described as a riot, but survivors claim that the officers overreacted and killed a number of bystanders, including a five-year-old youngster.

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“One of our messages is that the authorities need to fully look into this occurrence. And we want to know who is responsible. Andika, a 25-year-old man who chose not to provide his last name, stated.
He continued, “We demand justice for our fallen supporters.



On Sunday night, a memorial was organized in memory of the victims outside the Kanjuruhan stadium under the statue of the roaring lion that serves as the club’s emblem.


However, recent graffiti scrawled on the stadium’s walls revealed simmering resentment toward the authorities.


“My family members were killed. A black ribbon, the date of the incident, and the message “Investigate thoroughly” were written on the stadium’s shutters.


The acronym “ACAB,” which stands for “all cops are bastards,” was written on another wall.


Numerous football supporters of Arema FC gathered outside the nation’s largest stadium in Jakarta on Sunday, yelling “murderer! murderer!” and taping police tape to the fence of the facility.


A review into the event was announced by Indonesian President Joko Widodo, but rights organizations argued that it should be impartial and that the officers involved should be held accountable for using tear gas in a restricted space.


Amnesty International issued a statement saying, “We call on authorities to launch an immediate, exhaustive, and independent inquiry into the deployment of tear gas at the stadium and ensure that those who are found to have violated the law are tried in open court.”


“This loss of life requires a response,”


The task force, according to Mahfud, will be selected within the next 24 hours and will be made up of government representatives, analysts, ministry representatives, football organization executives, academics, and media personnel.


He promised that the investigation’s findings will be made public as quickly as feasible.


The task should be finished in the next two to three weeks, he said.


“Fans passed away in players’ arms”

Online criticism of the government increased, and many of these posts became viral in Indonesia.


“Conduct in-depth research. One tweet that received 11,000 likes stated, “Firing tear gas in a contained area full of people is a significant infringement.


The police must stop using tear gas, according to an online petition, which had nearly 6,000 signatures by Monday morning.


As further details about the stampede came to light, the repercussions intensified when Arema FC’s Chilean football coach said that “fans died in the arms of players.”


Javier Roca reported to the Spanish television station Cadena Ser that “the boys passed by with victims in their arms.”


“I believe the police went too far,”


In Indonesia, fan violence is a persistent issue.


Witnesses to the violence on Saturday claim that Arema fans invaded the field after their team’s defeat by Persebaya Surabaya.


Due to the possibility of violence, Persebaya Surabaya supporters were not permitted to purchase tickets to the game.


Following the fatal rush, Arema supporters attacked police with rocks and set fire to several vehicles, including a police truck, in Malang, according to the police.

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Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA, termed the incident a “sad day” for football but refrained from demanding that authorities take any specific action.


The carrying of crowd control gas at pitchside is prohibited per the safety regulations set forth by the world football governing body.


Football clubs in Spain observed a moment of silence in remembrance of the tragedy, and the best teams in Europe sent their condolences.